Business Data Mobility: iFormBuilder Delivers iOS Apps In A Minute

Tweet Literally, I had my first database app configured and running on my iPad in about 60 seconds. Okay, so it wasn’t a killer app – it was just two fields – a number and a text entry. I didn’t even take the time to set the field labels. But the point is, iFormBuilder from […]

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Bitzer Mobile Previews Forthcoming iPad Enterprise Application Support

Tweet I mentioned the inevitable need for this company to move quickly into the iPad space and it appears they have. I found this new page on their site today. “Bitzer’s iPad Enterprise Virtual app Container (EVC) is coming soon. With this version your iPad will come to life with rich enterprise applications displayed with […]

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Mobile Virtualization of Enterprise Apps, Bitzer Unveils a Compelling Architecture

Tweet Cross-platform challenges are mounting as iOS, Android, RIM, WebOS, and Windows continue to gain traction with enterprises seeking mobile solutions. There’s no end in sight as Apple reports stellar financials and tablet market growth approach 50% per quarter. Historically speaking, 2011 will likely be known as the mobile explosion the year everyone decided that […]

Net Intelligence: A New Slice of Business Intelligence Destined for iPad

Tweet One of my first clients at MyST Technology Partners was a BI (business intelligence) customer but I didn’t even know it. The client was asking for information about its competitors, their news, announcements, and web presence. The client specifically wanted to know when new sales opportunities could be gleaned from search queries. Net Intelligence […]

iPadification of Database Apps – Still a Lot of Work Ahead

Tweet I’ve seen a lot of database apps running on iPad recently; I’m not impressed. The UI‘s are pretty bad for the most part and many of them remind me of some of the crap I used to build back in the 80′s. To be clear, when it comes to interface design, I’m no UI […]

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Filemaker Go: Expanding the iOS Business Horizon

Tweet I’ve been watching the iPad database sector lately. My interest stems from more than a decade in the early reign of PC database systems, a landscape embraced by early innovators like Wayne Ratliff (dBASE), Dr. Fulton (FoxPro), and an incredible team of engineers at Nantucket (Clipper). It was 1982 when dBase first appeared and […]

DDH Software Brings HanDBase to iPad

DDH Software today announces HanDBase for iPad 4.6.0, a new iPad version of the legendary mobile database application. Tailored to take advantage of the unique characteristics of the iPad, HanDBase brings true relational database features to the iPad platform. Special features include split screen views, popovers, and enhanced editing. There is also integration with the popular HanDBase Gallery of thousands of database designs, plus the ability to email records and databases to other users.

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