5 Million Presentations Uploaded to SlideShark

Tweet The headline is a story that will break in a few hours (see press release). It’s a well-established factoid that about 30 million PowerPoint slide decks are created every 24 hours.  I’m happy for Brainshark and most important, their enterprise SlideShark customers who are getting their arms around the growing crisis in presentation content […]


Editorial for iPad, a Content Production Factory

Tweet When I first cracked open this new text editor for for iPad it evoked an eons-ago sensation that I had with BRIEF, the programmers editor from the 80′s. That’s not a typo; almost 30 years has passed since BRIEF swept into the world of software development and fundamentally changed the code editing game forever. […]

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Five Factors for Producing Mobile Productivity Magic

Tweet Worker mobility comes with the assumption that modern mobile devices are able to deliver on promises of high productivity and out-of-office performance. This hypothesis falls into the category of a “no-brainer”. It stands to reason that if a worker has unfettered access to voice and digital communications, productivity will certainly rise. Expanding on this […]


GeckoDocs, Now with Push API Support [GeckoDocs II]

Tweet Geckoboard, which I’ve written about frequently at iPadCTO, continues to be one of those tools that I keep using all the time. New clients ask for it by name and the increasing demand for integration with Google Docs has encouraged me to upgrade the ebook to include examples and content using the new Push API […]


The New Definition of Mobile Worker [InfoGraphic]

Tweet Today FileMaker released the results of a study concerning mobile applications and the new definition of “mobile worker”. With millions of deployments, including more than 500,000 downloads of FileMaker Go, a free app for accessing FileMaker databases from iPad and iPhone – surveyed customers included almost 500 who have deployed FileMaker solutions on iOS […]


Want a Captivating Meeting? Shut Off the Projector.

Tweet Given today’s mobile and presentation broadcast technology, meeting planners and presenters in all capacities of business should consider shutting down the projector for good. Here’s why.  Since the dawn of mobile computing, roughly speaking the mid 80’s, the presence of computers in the conference room is fundamentally viewed by business leaders as a distraction. […]


Incredimail: Light at the End of the Dysfunctional Email Tunnel?

Tweet Not likely. According to TabTimes, “A recent study showed just how much time iPad owners spend on email and it was a pretty startling figure given one true fact: email on iPad isn’t all that great.” And Incredimail does little to mitigate the communication nightmare that has haunted us for more than two decades. I […]

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iForm Reporting With Google Docs (A Practical Guide)

Tweet Since the dawn of iPad, January 27, 2010 to be precise, businesses have envisioned the ability to rapidly capture data in the field without friction. iPad (and iPhone) are ideal instruments to bring this possibility to life and especially so when coupled with form tools to connect some very important dots. The process is […]


How to Create Innovative Technical Illustrations with iPad

Tweet I’m not an artist; never will be. And worse, I truly suck at anything artsy. But I really want to benefit from its advantages. Why does art have advantages? People can relate more effectively to complex or simple ideas much more readily when presented with colorful illustrations. And the more technical the subject matter, […]


Two Billion Training Courses With PowerPoints Now Run on Mindflash iPad App

Tweet PALO ALTO, CA–(Marketwire – Nov 28, 2012) – Mindflash, the leading online training platform for businesses, today announced the launch of its breakthrough iPad training application. For the first time, the 7.5 million PowerPoint training documents created daily (nearly two billion over the past 12 months) by businesses worldwide1 can not only be viewed perfectly on […]


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