Review: Microsoft Office, Now Free on Mobile, Still Out of Sync Online

Tweet Nice gesture. Too bad it's four years too late. Wall Street Journal – Everyone can now get Microsoft Office for free on their iPhones, iPads and (soon) Android tablets. [read more…]


CNN used Surface tablets as iPad kickstands

Tweet This is not really that surprising. Unfortunate for on-air “users”, they get roped into all sorts of deals made purely for exposure. This is prevalent in enterprises as well with avid iPad users setting aside company-provided devices to use their personal gear. Why? Because iPads are simply better for many business objectives. Cult of Mac […]


The End of Apps?

Tweet Yes, the end of apps, perhaps as we know them, is just around the corner. This is not a new idea; much has been written about this emerging trend. On the mobile apps horizon is a consolidation. Apps are going to change in ways few will anticipate. Instead of a continuing a near-vertical climb […]


Google Apps, A New Frontier – Part Two: How Mobile Work Influences Platform Selection

Tweet The realm of applications for business has changed significantly because almost every business objective must now factor in mobile work. When I first began to develop complex business applications, platform choices were few and conventional wisdom helped to narrow down the possible approaches to data management and integrated services. Back then – and by […]


Google Apps, A New Frontier – Part One: The Realization

Tweet Sometimes I look back and realize I’m not very bright. I should have recognized patterns far earlier than I did. Coming to grips with the opportunities that Google Apps presents is one of those things that makes me feel like I’m blind. I became a little less near-sighted when I recently visited colleagues Dawson […]


Seriously, Mobile is Replacing Desktop PCs?

Tweet A new MobileIron study conducted by Ponemon Institute shows that mobility has introduced disruptive business and employee demands that are causing CIOs to shift to a new model of enterprise IT. The study, called “The Changing Mobile Landscape in Financial Services,” was released today and surveyed over 400 IT professionals in the financial services […]


SlideShark: EPCM Strategy and New Anywhere Solution Emerge

Tweet It’s a busy month for SlideShark, the mobile presentation technology that represents, by far, the best strategy for managing PowerPoint presentations on iPad. SlideShark Anywhere This is a cool idea – provide a web-ready interface to SlideShark. In most cases, presenters, sales people, biz-dev professionals will always have iPad handy. However, there’s something compelling […]


DropTask, A Game-Changer for iPad Users

Tweet I’ve been using DropTask (iTunes App Store, $4.99 for the app, $6.50/month for Pro version) for some time now and while I have absolutely no time to blather on about how great this service and its iOS apps are, I’m taking the time anyway. This can’t wait if you’re the type who’s always probing […]


Timely Redefines Time Tracking, Seriously

Tweet It’s not often that I get emotional about software services, but TimelyApp has me singing a new tune about my former pain and misery of time tracking. I spend a lot of time consulting and it’s a real problem finding enough time to track time. That was then, this is now. TimelyApp, a SaaS […]


Accellion kiteworks Flies Higher

Tweet It’s no secret that I have been critical of Accellion’s user interface in past mobile offerings. As a [former] enterprise IT architect, I have always praised Accellion for its security, collaboration features, and passionate focus on mobile app integration. Getting an enterprise mobile solution right is not easy; few companies have created experiences for […]


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