Business Data Mobility: iFormBuilder Delivers iOS Apps In A Minute

Tweet Literally, I had my first database app configured and running on my iPad in about 60 seconds. Okay, so it wasn’t a killer app – it was just two fields – a number and a text entry. I didn’t even take the time to set the field labels. But the point is, iFormBuilder from […]

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iPad Email: Shoot It Now, Start Over

Tweet I love many of the innovative apps that Apple software engineers create for ipad. Pages is turning out to be one of my favorite apps and I never expected that to be the case (I’m a Microsoft Office bigot). I also love Keynote for iPad – I’ve created some very professional presentations that have […]

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5 iPad Apps for Managing Entrepreneurial Creativity

Tweet iPad, largely touted as a consumer device for content consumption, has emerged to address the needs of entrepreneurs. Why is iPad so useful for people who thrive on creating new ideas and new businesses? Three key points come to mind… Physical and operational agility – iPad is ready for work the moment you touch […]

Survey: Mobile Apps Increase Enterprise Performance and Productivity Advantages, Top Three Mobile App Strategies Gain Momentum

Tweet At a recent Aberdeen briefing by Andrew Borg, the subject of mobile app advantages surfaced. Survey data taken from 240 enterprises suggest that [overall], the use of mobile apps designed specifically to help employees get their work done, increased productivity by 45%. Further, the data reveals that operational efficiency rises almost as much (44%) […]

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9 Reasons You Should Share Information By Reference

Tweet Here’s a helpful collection of tips and advice about sharing information on the web. There are two basic ways to share information – by value and by reference. This is a bit off-topic for most iPadCTO articles, but its relevance is important especially in mobile computing where connectivity can be limited at times and […]

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Productivity with iPad

Tweet Once the newness and magical effects of iPad turn into a daily but pleasurable effort to get work done, productivity will be your main concern. In this issue of iPad Executive Advisory we explore three simple ways to elevate productivity while traveling or when stealing a quick work moment that would otherwise be spent […]

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Jump Desktop Delivers Exceptional Remote Access Performance, High Productivity

Tweet I’m a total technology freak about two things; productivity and remote access to my desktop and servers. While some might think I’m irrationally over-guided by these two axis involving my computing habits, I have good reason – lifestyle. In 1984, shortly after developing LapLink, I envisioned a future where everything related to work involving […]

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SG Action Log: Crazy Like a Fox UI, But Simple, Effective Task and Project Manager

Tweet While I claim to find a variety of ways to increase my productivity with iPad, I have a hunch much of it is offset by my constant search for the perfect task and project management app for iPad. I saw SG Action Log mentioned in my news reader the other day, so I thought […]

iPad Agility Creates Surprising Increase In Productivity Over iPhone and Laptop

Tweet Every time we start or resume a computing task, there are startup costs. These costs are rarely considered to have any impact but they can be significant. Here’s a scenario… You just walked into a Starbucks for an afternoon latte and a tall glass of WiFi to catch up on email and reports concerning […]

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