Touchscreen Gloves: The Newest Innovation From Alphyn Industries to Keep Your Fingers Cozy

Tweet Ed Note – I bought a pair of these gloves last year – I freakin’ love them. I used them today too – 12f here in Keystone, Colorado this morning. SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 14, 2012- Alphyn Industries Inc. introduces new WEARCOM™ Touchscreen Gloves to keep users connected with their mobile devices while keeping warm […]


SlideShark for iPhone Disrupts Enterprise Presentation Strategy [InfoGraphic]

Tweet   Imagine… You’re greeting potential clients (the CEO and the CFO) in an airport lounge to discuss a new and exciting business development idea. Sitting on the desk of a small conference room is your new MacBook Pro retina display laptop. It’s running Reflection, a Mac app that transforms the MacBook (or any Mac […]

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Headphones with Mic, Ideal Productivity Tool [TIPS]

Tweet In the category of you learn something every day… Here Are 10 Ways You Can Use Your Apple Headphones With Mic Permalink


Smart iPad Stylus Needs No Bluetooth

Tweet “… stylus that is not only pressure-sensitive (with 1024 levels), but manages to communicate its intent to your iPad without a cable, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any other radio protocol.” This, compared to the latest Jot Touch, might be pretty cool. The thought of your stylus draining your iPad’s battery is probably a real concern for […]


iFusion, Blending iPhone Into Your Office

Tweet I’m not a big fan of desk phones. Sure, back in the day working at a CPA firm, I had a big desk phone with lots of buttons and lines. And by “back in the day”, I mean the late 70′s. A big desk phone was a sign of status, power, and authority over […]

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iPad Touch Typing, Better Living through Silicone

Tweet In 2007, when iPhone was demonstrated for the first time, the first thing that popped into my head was the idea of tapping on glass. This seemed like a pretty good idea but I had no experience doing this until late in 2007 when the phone shipped. History shows that it was a good […]


Solio Bolt, Ideal Solar Charge for Urban Jungles and Real Jungles Too

Tweet Solio Bolt, a solar charging product for mobile devices that’s been around for a while, has dramatically improved upon its original design since it first appeared. It’s more streamlined, simplified, and packs a walloping storehouse of power – enough to refresh my iPad battery twice over. But it’s also not just for iOS – […]

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Perfect Keyboard Complement for iPad

Tweet I like this a lot. I tried it, and I’m buying one. Review: Logitech Ultrathin iPad Keyboard Cover will kickstart your transition from consumption to creation Permalink


Mac-like Solar Keyboard, Ideal for iPad and iPhone

Tweet This looks like a pretty good bet if you hate iPad’s “keyboard”. Where is my TouchFire? Apple-Like Solar-Powered Keyboard Controls Mac, iPad, iPhone Permalink


Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard, Killer Accessory

Tweet This could be the killer accessory for 2012. Still waiting for my TouchFire. Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Cover: The best iPad keyboard case yet Permalink


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