You’re greeting potential clients (the CEO and the CFO) in an airport lounge to discuss a new and exciting business development idea. Sitting on the desk of a small conference room is your new MacBook Pro retina display laptop. It’s running Reflection, a Mac app that transforms the MacBook (or any Mac or PC for that matter) into an AirPlay device. It is set to run in full screen mode. Your guests are seated and comfortable as you slide the MacBook back to allow both of your guests to see the screen easily. This also gives them room on the desk to take notes if they choose.

You tap on your iPhone and the presentation begins. With a casual and natural approach, your PowerPoint slides transition in a fluid and timely manner. SlideShark for iPhone is quietly orchestrating the event, feeding you clues about what’s next in the presentation, while blending silently into the conversation.

There are no intrusive keyboarding activities, reaching across the sight-line, or twisting the Mac to get a better typing angle. The MacBook is just a display. To your guests, it’s not clear that the iPhone is being used at all, yet it is acting as the pointing device, the content orchestrator, the pace manager, and in a way, the projector.

This is the future of enterprise presentations with PowerPoint.

Coupled with Pico and short-throw projectors as well as AirPlay-enabled display devices, iPhone represents the next frontier for enterprise presentations. SlideShark for iPhone elevates the rich abundance of PowerPoint presentation assets to provide ultra-lightweight tools that are available in an instant, and capable of performing well under any lighting and environmental conditions.

If you’re a business development executive, you just hit the lotto. SlideShark for iPhone is about to change your day, possibly your entire professional life. Being able to react quickly to any presentation or pitch opportunity is often the key to making a sale, striking a deal, or closing a long sought-after account.

Daisy-chaining three simple technologies – iOS computing devices, Airplay-enabled display devices, and SlideShark – will transform how we convey knowledge in the enterprise.

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