Geckoboard, which I’ve written about frequently at iPadCTO, continues to be one of those tools that I keep using all the time. New clients ask for it by name and the increasing demand for integration with Google Docs has encouraged me to upgrade the ebook to include examples and content using the new Push API from Geckoboard.


UPDATE: Includes code and examples demonstrating the new Geckoboard Push API. The demand for this example and support necessary to help users become familiar with the integration process has compelled me to charge ten bucks for the code. It’s still a bargain because you get two full days of R&D for the price of a six-pack of tacos. And if that’s too pricey, you can probably glean the approach and replicate it from from the details in this article.

The new library functions provide a simple and effective way to interface Google Docs using Apps Script which allows you to avoid polling for widget updates.

Small businesses, especially in the current economic climate, need all the help they can get and if there are services that can quickly and painlessly improve their ability to manage costs, identify revenue opportunities, or expand awareness to better deal with issues before they become full-blown problems, I like to investigate it fully.

Google Docs has emerged as an ideal cloud service that small businesses and organizations adore. It provides a good alternative to pricey Office suite applications from Microsoft. Geckoboard also falls into favor by small firms because it puts business intelligence and key performance indicators (KPI dashobards) into reach at affordable prices.

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