2013-08-20_0817When I first cracked open this new text editor for for iPad it evoked an eons-ago sensation that I had with BRIEF, the programmers editor from the 80′s. That’s not a typo; almost 30 years has passed since BRIEF swept into the world of software development and fundamentally changed the code editing game forever. And then I published dBRIEF, a collection of productivity macros that transformed the average dBASE programmer into a fast, agile solution creator.

Editorial available in the App Store for $4.99, is a general text editing app. But even so, it rekindled my quest for greater mobile productivity because it provides so many ways to create custom workflows. The creator of Editorial inherently understands that editors appeal to many users based on how personalized the feature set can be adjusted. Humans apparently have what’s known as muscle memory and for many, they’d rather change their editor than retrain their muscles.

But Editorial goes far beyond the typical realm of configurability and customization; quite literally making it possible to transform the app into a collection of workflows and processes that are unmatched by any iOS app I’m familiar with. And it can easily integrate its workflows with other iOS apps and web services through URL Schemes.

Imagine a text editor that could be transformed into competitive intelligence briefing tool, sweeping up links and references to news based on a collection of predefined competitors. Or consider a specific business reporter who might want a collection of workflows that use selected text to look up the latest news in Yahoo! Finance as she links effortlessly to all the recent news stories related to a specific earnings call.

Editorial is as much an unconstrained canvas for creating words as it is a canvas for crafting high-velocity features and integrated solutions for those who create content. Editorial is, without doubt, the most powerful and agile content factory ever created for iPad.