Screenshot of Google Chrome (3:9:14, 8:00 PM)I’ve been using DropTask (iTunes App Store, $4.99 for the app, $6.50/month for Pro version) for some time now and while I have absolutely no time to blather on about how great this service and its iOS apps are, I’m taking the time anyway. This can’t wait if you’re the type who’s always probing for a better way to capture, manage, and organize others around tasks.

In the GTD (getting things done) class of tools, DropTask is the bomb. Without question, this product has elevated my productivity by 10 to 15%. I can feel myself actually getting organized and becoming more proactive about status updates from others I depend upon. And with the recently released Pro version, I’m likely to see more productivity gains with the new project templates capability.

Screenshot of Google Chrome (3:9:14, 7:50 PM)

It’s all about circles…

When I first saw the user interface I was compelled; drawn in quickly by a fetching idea – tasks are circles; groups of circles representing topics; multiple topics inside a project. Circle sizes represent task complexity or effort. Simple. Effective. Surprisingly easy to understand.

Tasks can also have detailed sub-tasks and it’s easy to upload attachments to tasks such as photos, documents, etc.

Its a Team Product Too!

And DropTask is team-friendly – invite colleagues into projects, collaborate in real-time, and document activities across all devices. One of the nicest features – a pleasant request to a project member for a status update on progress for a task. This is ideal because its a quick and non-threatening way to nudge people.

iPad, Desktop, Laptop, iPhone

This was critical for me – no task management tool could help me unless it worked the same across all these computing devices. Despite the wonderful iOS implementations, especially for iPad, DropTask also works seamlessly on modern mobile browsers.


Booooo!!! I really want to integrate my other favorite task-related find for 2014 (TimelyApp), but it doesn’t look like there’s an API on the horizon. At the risk of ending this article on a sour note, the lack of an API is my only gripe. For most users, this won’t be an issue.

I cannot think of a more important iPad app to recommend for 2014 than DropTask.