Seattle, Wash. July, 11 2012 – Touchfire today announced the availability of its TouchfireTM Screen-Top Keyboard for iPad, a clear silicone keyboard that snaps into place magnetically over the iPad’s on-screen keyboard. Touchfire’s patented key design transforms the hard, featureless surface of the iPad’s on-screen keyboard into a pleasant, tactile, typing experience. A revolutionary typing device, the Touchfire keyboard is being made in the United States and is on sale for $49.99 through the Touchfire website (   

The Touchfire keyboard weighs less than an ounce, is as thin as two credit cards, and works with all versions of the iPad. It can be stored on the iPad or rolled up in the cover, making it easy to be kept with the iPad at all times. The Touchfire keyboard is designed to handle the rigors of travel and is easy to clean with tap water.

Touchfire was backed entirely through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, with a goal of raising $10,000 in seven weeks. Touchfire met its goal in five days, and by the time the project ended had raised over $200,000 in initial funding, making it one of the highest-funded tablet-related Kickstarter projects. This was the result of 3,146 backers and over 4,400 pre-orders from enthusiastic customers before the product was even manufactured. 

Comments on the News

“Over 65 million people use their iPads everyday but one of its major limitations as a productivity tool is that it is difficult to type on the glass surface. Until now, the only solution was to add on a heavy, bulky, battery-powered Bluetooth keyboard – negating the benefits of iPad’s sleek, light design,” said Steve Isaac, co-founder of Touchfire. “We created the Touchfire to fix the fundamental problems inherent in typing on the glass surface of the iPad. With the Touchfire, typing on an iPad is a joy, not a pain.”

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About Touchfire

Touchfire was founded by Steve Isaac and Brad Melmon, two technology entrepreneurs who share a deep personal belief that iPads need to be better productivity tools. The Touchfire screen-top keyboard is a transparent, tactile keyboard that transforms the hard, featureless surface of an iPad’s onscreen keyboard into a pleasant, tactile, typing experience. Touchfire is headquartered in Seattle and manufactured in Los Angeles, supports all generations of the iPad, and sells for $49.99 at