Are You Mad About iPad? [Survey, InfoGraphic]

Tweet A recent survey conducted by the folks who make SlideShark (BrainShark) uncovered some funny and perhaps troubling feelings that people have about the magical tab. As an example, 1 in 3 iPad users would rather endure the pain of a root canal than accidentally destroy their iPad. Really. Seriously? I would much rather enjoy [...]

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Touchfire Announces General Availability of its Thin, Flexible Screen-Top Keyboard for iPad

Tweet Seattle, Wash. July, 11 2012 – Touchfire today announced the availability of its TouchfireTM Screen-Top Keyboard for iPad, a clear silicone keyboard that snaps into place magnetically over the iPad’s on-screen keyboard. Touchfire’s patented key design transforms the hard, featureless surface of the iPad’s on-screen keyboard into a pleasant, tactile, typing experience. A revolutionary [...]

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Curate Like a Pro with iPad

Tweet Web 2.0 and the emergence of the conversational web requires new skills and technologies necessary to create and sustain connections with prospects, colleagues, and customers. While many of us think nothing more of an occasional email calling attention to a new idea, a product, or a story that you and a colleague share in [...]

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BsC Offers New Balanced Scorecard Training Resources and Upgrade to Strategic Planning App

Tweet Balanced Scorecard for iPad Business Strategy Consultoria of Madrid, Spain has recently updated its popular Balanced Scorecard app for iPad. The new release, version 2.1, includes improved data entry, security options when deleting a company profile, and the elimination of a data sync issue. a complete Dashboard that lets you Monitor the Progress of [...]

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WINGStand: The Most Elegant Way to Transform iPad Into a Laptop

Tweet I’ve been watching all the hype about iPad cases with embedded keyboards and this Mossberg report most recently. However, I’ve been hesitant to suggest that these are great alternatives for those instances when you have some serious text development or editing and you need a real keyboard. I run into those moments from time-to-time, [...]

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Amazon Tablet a Reality, iPad to Emerge The Clear Enterprise Winner

Tweet In the eyes of IT execs, Apple’s iPad will seem like an angel compared to the Amazon tablet. On the horizon is a device that will hyper-sensitize the desires of anyone who likes to shop and who doesn’t own an iPad. But it will suffer at a business level from a baked-in bias toward [...]

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Quora on iPad: Use Pulse Plus Feeds to Provide the Perfect App Solution

Tweet I’ve noticed myself increasingly using Pulse as an app proxy for Quora. The new RSS support in Pulse works extremely well. Just set up a “Quora” tab in Pulse and add the topics you follow using the Quora RSS feed feature. The Good … Pulse allows you to quickly review a question and make [...]

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Tactile Keyboard Overlay Coming to iPad

Tweet As a blogger who writes about 10,000 words a week, two thirds on iPad, this Kickstarter project really caught my attention. I’ve always been a proponent of content creation on the iPad, but I’m not averse to enhancements that make it possible to create more text in less time. After all, where would I [...]

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iPad: Changing The Way We Search

Tweet We’ll dig deep into how iPad is changing the way we search, I promise. Indulge me while we take a brief, but relevant, detour. Since the late 90’s, 1999 to be specific, I’ve been locking horns with the fundamental essence of search; the ability to put your hands on information you need to do [...]

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iPad, Tablets, and Education: An EduCause Podcast With Bill French

Tweet I was recently interviewed by Gerry Bayne of Educause. The podcast is brief but it covers a lot of territory concerning the endearing qualities of iPad for educational use, the transient learning qualities of iPad, and why iPad has become such a highly demanded tool by educators and businesses alike. Gerry and I aso [...]

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