About iPadCTO Briefing Advisories and My Personal Radar

If you landed on this page, chances are you’re a member of iPadCTO’s Briefing Advisories service because you attended a corporate briefing or you’re on my personal radar, a framework I use for managing the sharing of interesting news and articles I encounter from time-to-time. These are not email marketing systems – they are just conduits for creating immediate awareness about relevant topics that you and I share common interests in.

And if you’d like to understand how my curation system works, I’ve created this ebook.

EBook: Curate Like A Pro

The demand for more about this topic and how I instrumented On My Radar encouraged me to write an ebook about my curation process. You can get it for eight bucks.

On My Radar …

On My Radar was created to better facilitate the sharing and rapid awareness of innovative technologies concerning topics we both follow. This is not a news group per-se and it’s not an email marketing list. It’s simply a framework for communicating more effectively that also allows me to conveniently and rapidly package up the occasional links that I have been sharing with you in the past. It also helps to eliminate individual messages for each item I share. As with any email you’ve received from me in the past, you can respond to it directly and our conversations are direct and confidential, just as they always have been.

If you express your interests with precision (see Update Profile in any radar message), you’ll receive occasional links to stories and news that I encounter. Sometimes I’ll even toss in my personal commentary or reflect on why this is relevant information to both of us. Feel free to share the registration page with your colleagues and friends.

iPadCTO Briefing Advisories

As an added service to briefing clients, I provide real-time advisories about iPad breaking news, technologies, and apps. Advisories are compiled every night and sent as a summary email message early the next morning. Each advisory contains a headline and a link directly to the article, app, or news snippet if one exists. Some advisories are simply observations that I feel are important to you or or organization and contain no links.

Advisories messages are only sent if there are indeed new items to share with you. You may opt out of the advisories at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of the advisory email messages. You will also find links to update your profile to change your email address or other options offered for your specific advisory service.

I’m able to send these advisories with great relevance and precision about your interests and business because of a specially designed curation model I’ve perfected. Using nearly any mobile device, any app, application, or content environment, I can capture and share information directly to your inbox. This allows me to use news and mobile apps such as FlipBoard and Zite, to immediately dispatch an article of interest when I encounter it.

If you have any questions about iPadCTO Briefing Advisories or On My Radar, do not hesitate to contact me ().

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