Mobile Apps: Native or Web?

image There’s a debate brewing for enterprise CTOs and it will be bigger than the basic question — which mobile platforms they support.

We’ve already gotten way past the iPhone and iPad in-the-enterprise squabble. By 2012, for every Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) in circulation, at least 3 Android-based devices are likely to be glued to corporate user’s ears or serving up business apps at a blinding adoption rate. On deck for CXOs next; how do we support these devices? How do we manage multiple form-factors, different keyboard features and a variety of displays?

This is not an easy challenge if your organization is likely to support just two of the many mobile platform choices. It gets very complicated and hyper-dimensioned as soon as you add a third platform or just one platform with multiple device form-factors.

To help you wade through the pros and cons, I’ve created a strategy planning template and brief ebook guide bundle. You can download it and share it with your mobile development colleagues – it’s free.

We’ve also included an ePub version of the book so you can install it to your iPad iBooks bookshelf.

Download This eBook/Spreadsheet Bundle Today!

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