Last year when released it’s first iPad app, I was both happy and sad – I wrote about it (TradePub Stats: 71% of iPad Users are Management Level). It didn’t have a search feature and it lacked a number of essential things that would make it ideal for just-in-time document access. Although, even in it’s first release, it had the makings of a unique knowledge base for any iPad-toting business leader or founder.

A lot has changed in their most recent version which is available for free in the App Store. On this eve of the unveiling of iPad HD, it’s appropriate to give the TradePub designers credit where credit is due. This app rocks and at my age, I rarely say anything “rocks” [dude].

A vital reason this app is worth revisiting is the way TradePub streamlines the download process of documents and puts a wealth of business and tech knowledge at your fingertips in an instant. Using Reflection, I recorded an example of how quickly this app gives you access to documents – comare this to using a browser to hunt this stuff down and jump through hoops to get at the content.

Rapid Access to Business and Tech Documents

As I said last year, when we plan how to deal with information nuggets, we are better informed, we tend to make better decisions, and we typically develop much greater insight which often leads to innovation and creativity. Unfortunately, few of us have the time or perhaps the skills to plan and craft good approaches that streamline our personal and business management knowledge. TradePub is there to lend a hand.