Just thinking outside the barn for a moment. Can you imagine starting a new business without a tablet under your arm, and secifically iPad? Would that 17″ 27 pound Dell Inspiron really set the tone for selling your ideas? Probably not. 

Lacking an iPad would constrain you operationally and esthetically in some unsuspecting ways including but not limited to this list.

  • Pitching. You’d like to put your best foot (I mean image) forward. Try to think of a better image-casting platform than iPad?
  • Productivity. There’s undoubtedly no better way to work nearly 24/7 than a 3g-enabled iPad.
  • Selling. In today’s startup climate, early sales are critical if you hope to get funding or eek out a living. iPad is one of those tools that can streamline the selling process and provide key visuals for closing the gap with new customers and partners.
  • Performing. Once you get a sale or when a partner is ready to jump in with you, you need to act quickly and demonstrate your hunger for success. Pad makes this possible whenever, or wherever you may be.

I’m biased concerning iPad in business, but many astute and successful business people are artuclly running their startups on iPad.Publish