I often surprise myself with places and ways iPad helps me get things done. As an entrepreneur, self employed for the better part of the last 35 years, I like to use down-time to be as productive as possible. So while my wife drove from our home in Keystone to Denver this week, I took a glance at email and saw an immediate opportunity to help a new client.

The client had emailed me a simple diagram of an information architecture that didn’t represent the vision I knew would be more useful to her customers. As my wife navigated the winding road over Loveland Pass (11,990 feet above seal level), I decided my reactions to this diagram should be addressed right away as engineers in Spain were working rapidly on an update to their app.

Typically, I enjoy the views of the ride over Loveland Pass and this time of year, heavy snow, if not whiteout conditions are common. At the summit, the road rests at the bottom of a 30 foot deep slice through the snow where heavy equipment has maintained a cleared pathway. And today was no different – the road was rutty with packed snow; it was blowing, and snowing about 2″ per hour. Our Jeep climbed effortlessly in four-wheel-drive but not without a lot of bumps and tossing from side to side.

With iPad 2 in my lap, I decided to not only respond to the client, but include an improved diagram. As we inched up the pass, I launched OmniGraffle and began to assemble my improved vision.


By the time we crested the summit (8 miles), I had a basic framework for the diagram. Touch gestures with serious zooming allowed me to add a degree of precision to the diagram. Before we reached the bottom, the diagram was complete. A few more miles down the road I picked up a 3G signal and the response and attached diagram was on its way to Madrid.


A few years ago this was a difficult and time-consuming task that required me to do it in a specific location. Today, it’s just a short hop over a mountain pass and the task is complete, delivered and with precision and polish.

iPad agility is unstoppable; just sayin’ …