GeckoDocs, A Google Docs Scripting Library for Geckoboard

Google Docs has emerged as an ideal cloud service that small businesses and organizations adore. It provides a good alternative to pricey Office suite applications from Microsoft. Geckoboard also falls into favor by small firms seeking to create dashboards for a variety of use cases that may contain data from Google Docs spreadsheets.

UPDATE: The demand for this example and support necessary to help users become familiar with the integration process has compelled me to charge ten bucks for the code. It’s still a bargain because you get two full days of R&D for the price of a six-pack of tacos. And if that’s too pricey, you can probably glean the approach and replicate it from from the details in this article.

The alchemy of Google Docs and Geckoboard puts real-time business intelligence and key performance dashboards into reach at affordable prices. But small businesses face challenges leveraging Google Docs and Geckoboard for two key reasons.

  1. Making essential business data available as a maintenance-free web service is not that easy.
  2. Creating and hosting Gecko-compliant XML feeds requires effort and a web services infrastructure.

Introducing GeckoDocs, a simple scripting library and approach that helps you dashboard-enable your data. If you’d like to tackle this on your own terms, you can buy the starter kit for just ten bucks.

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