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Mobile Health Expo 2011

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Fast-Track Enterprise iPad Adoption Webinar

iOptimal Partners With iPad Visionaries to Present Strategic and Tactical Insights for Corporate Executives

By Invitation Only – Contact Me () for a personal invitation to this unique lecture series.

With iPad’s extraordinary ability to streamline operational tasks, communicate value to customers, and accelerate decision-making, mobile enterprise software has become a significant competitive driver today and for many years to come. Organizations that embrace and leverage the iPad effectively will gain significant market share and competitive advantage over organizations that play the wait-and-see game.

As recommended by Gartner Group, CEOs and other top executives must personally drive these changes within their organization. Setting the pace and leading organizations to greater mobile and operational agility must be done “by example” in order to drive initiatives across the enterprise.

The Fast-track Enterprise iPad Adoption webinar will help you recognize key success factors as well as potential obstacles as you formulate your overall iPad strategy. The key take-aways from this webinar will include immediate tactical plans that can be launched to achieve early wins and experience for internal teams and departments.

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