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image It’s clear that products such as RoamBi and Microstrategy are making great strides for internal corporate use with iPad. RoamBi’s architecture makes it abundantly clear that the Publisher (server) technology will be deployed into corporate IT environments or provided as secure hosted services over corporate VPN’s. Microstrategy, a long-time BI provider is the global leader in managing business information for iPad users.

One important aspect of BI in the enterprise is update automation; updating information sets through living spreadsheets and other business artifacts without manual publishing steps. Ideally, changes to documents such as Excel spreadsheets will magically flow out to subscribed viewers and Roambi supports this.

iPadCTO has developed a suite of implementation strategies and templates for fast-tracking BI use in small or large organizations. Contact iPadCTO to discuss your BI requirements or to get a personalized briefing of iPad BI products and services.

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