The App-Centric Enterprise

Apps have become a meaningful abbreviation to something that just works. Apps provide a common and easily understood idea that has been widely accepted as a solution – indeed a means to get stuff done quickly and effectively. Humans across the globe see apps as the pathway to achieving objectives whether simple tasks or complex processes and they’ve begun to vote [literally] with their fingers.

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This excitement for apps, and the app market model that satisfies demand for increasingly useful mobile solutions, can be fully understood in iPadCTO’s 80 minute briefing entitled “The App-Centric Enterprise”, which includes 40 minutes of informative and entertaining content followed by a 30 minute private and secure Q&A session led by Bill French, Founder and Chief Editor of iPadCTO and Sr. Editor of iPhoneCTO. Download the brochure for this corporate briefing.

The alchemy of smart mobile devices and the app market model have combined to produce a seriously compelling value proposition for business organizations. This paper provides insights into the emerging app-centric world, how it will influence and integrate with an increasingly mobile workforce, and why the Web may soon be obsolete.

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