iForm Reporting With Google Docs (A Practical Guide)

Tweet Since the dawn of iPad, January 27, 2010 to be precise, businesses have envisioned the ability to rapidly capture data in the field without friction. iPad (and iPhone) are ideal instruments to bring this possibility to life and especially so when coupled with form tools to connect some very important dots. The process is [...]


EntConnect Transitions to iOS Enegineering Opportunities

Tweet If you’re in Colorado or need a good excuse to head out for some great spring skiing, consider EntConnect. I’ve attended many times in the last 20 years and it’s a great time because they get out as a group and ski, shoot guns, and drive fast go carts. It’s an un-conference conference. iOS [...]


The Build Network: Insightful and Compelling

Tweet My wife snagged the Winter 2012 issue of Build out of a pile of holiday catalogs that loomed larger than a mid-sized dog. She has a keen eye for stuff I might like and her perception about Build was very accurate. It’s one of those great finds; a magazine you can’t put down. One [...]


Giant Step Forward, Klipfolio Solidifies Data Visualization Platform, Embraces Mobile, iPad, iPhone

Tweet   I’ve been using Klipfolio for about a decade and more recently, the SaaS version, a web platform for creating dashboards with precision data visualizations. Since it emerged from beta last year, there has been plenty to complain about, but in hindsight, almost everything I tossed on their to-do list [by me] was pretty minor. Those [...]

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FileMaker Database Development with iPad?

Tweet   You read that correctly. I said… “FileMaker Database Development with iPad” It’s difficult to convey the idea that I’m about to describe because the natural assumption after a quick glance at the title of this article is that FileMaker apps can run on iPad. Big deal, right? FileMaker Go has been around for [...]

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iFusion, Blending iPhone Into Your Office

Tweet I’m not a big fan of desk phones. Sure, back in the day working at a CPA firm, I had a big desk phone with lots of buttons and lines. And by “back in the day”, I mean the late 70′s. A big desk phone was a sign of status, power, and authority over [...]

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How to use your iPad for something other than surfing the Internet [eBook by Chris J. Lee]

Tweet When it comes to iPad, I’m all over it for the singular benefit of mobile productivity. And I’ve actually studied how it has affected my productivity across a wide variety of tasks with comparisons to other alternatives including iPhone and laptop. iPad has distinct qualities that score high in agility and stamina. And other [...]


One Device, One App – Bento 4 Raises the Bar, Provides a Glimpse of Independent Mobility

Tweet Have you ever dreampt of leaving the world of desktop PCs and laptops behind? I have. Some days I ponder what it would be like to never have to think about syncing, managing two, three, or more computing spaces. And most of all fretting about bringing a laptop everywhere I go, and never using [...]

FileMaker GO Now FREE, Business App Opportunities Explode

Tweet Until yesterday, FileMaker Go, the iOS data app client from wholly-owned subsidiary, FileMaker, Inc., cost $40 bucks a seat ($20 bucks for iPhone users). This was always a little sticking point for small and even more so, for larger  organizations. Today, FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone is free. What this means is that [...]

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Do Businesses Really Need a Retina Display iPad?

Tweet As you’ve probably heard iPad HD (iPad 3) doubles the resolution of iPad 2. So how is the increased clarity if the screen important to enterprise users or customers? In what contexts could a doubling of pixels possibly be important in business? To those who understand what a retina iPad display will seem like, [...]


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