Apple has recently approved a new update to Coaxion that increases the storage systems you can connect to, enables documents to be annotated or edited, and significantly enhances stability, responsiveness, and ease of use.  Coaxion supports both iPhone and iPad.

Share and Synchronize Documents with Colleagues

Teams and documents are at the center of collaboration. Since we’re spending more time with our mobile devices than our PCs & laptops, it’s only natural we want to do real work here too. With Coaxion, sharing, updating, reading, and responding to documents in real time keeps the business moving forward. Start private discussions and share documents with a group of colleagues. Each person can bring their documents into the discussion and Coaxion securely ensures everyone has a copy on their iPad, ready for immediate reading and response. Coaxion verifies the identity of recipients for security. And when the need for sharing is done, close the discussion to remove the shared documents from all devices, leaving the originals on your corporate servers.

Access Critical Corporate Documents from Storage Systems

Seamlessly integrated access to SharePoint,, and Dropbox keeps you connected to all your important documents. Keep your documents where they are, integrated into your existing business processes, compliance, and data protection systems – no need to change your storage system to realize mobile benefits. Access your corporate storage using your corporate credentials, just as you would from a PC. For security, your user names and passwords are never stored on our servers.

Coaxion supports SharePoint, Dropbox, and more. With this update, you can import documents from email and other applications using “Open In” – making it easy to move from snail to real-time collaboration. And based on popular demand, connectivity is now included in the Pro product.

Take Documents With You

Coaxion allows you to take your corporate documents offline. A single file or a collection can be cached on your iPad for later reading or sharing with colleagues. Coaxion Pro now allows you to edit those documents using QuickOffice or other editors and save them back to your corporate storage system.

Available today in the App Store (download now).