Lakeville, Minnesota – Viet Tran, the independent mobile application developer behind Notes Plus, today proudly announced that Notes Plus has crossed the 100,000 download milestone on the iTunes App Store. To celebrate this success, Tran has announced that Notes Plus will be on sale for three days over this weekend for only $1.99. The app’s rise to popularity within the App Store has been consistently gaining pace with its sales seeing roughly a 20% increase each month since October of last year. Tran attributes this constant growth to his continued focus on utilizing consumer feedback to improve and expand Notes Plus’ note taking functionalities.

This commitment to improvement has not been lost on consumers, as Notes Plus has garnered unanimous praise from its users. The public at large seems to be taking notice as well. While it took Notes Plus almost six months of release to reach the 50,000 download milestone the app closed the gap between this achievement and topping 100,000 downloads in a mere two months. This progress is even more impressive when taking into account that Notes Plus’ $6.99 price tag is on the high end of the mobile marketplace. Extending a warm thank you to his customers for their support, Tran adds that this progress should serve to bolster the confidence of other independent developers hoping to find success on the Apple App Store.

Effectively a one-man enterprise, Tran’s productivity app has proven that user driven product development, commitment to overall app quality, and active product improvement are enough to propel applications to mainstream success regardless of whether it’s development has humble grassroots origins or the backing of an established organization. Notes Plus has grown from it’s initial release as a simple hand writing app to become one of the most richly featured and well rounded writing and documentation apps available on the iPad. It’s place as the premiere note taking app for everyone from students to business professionals has been cemented by public demand, and Tran is optimistic that Notes Plus will continue to grow in popularity and maintain this position for a long time to come.

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