Ok, this is going to be a short post because this product is such a minimalist idea. Imagine a leather wallet that wraps around your iPhone and has a few slots for credit cards and business cards.

This product is simply perfect – it proves that people [sometimes] want less and they’ll pay for less. If you need to take just a few credit cards, ID, and business cards with you, the iFlip Wallet will quickly become your new best friend.

While on vacation recently, I started to experiment with the new Starbucks in-app payment system. It works pretty good and it demonstrates where mobile commerce is heading. Order a latte, tap the app, and scan – you’re ready to kick back and relax. iFlip Wallet is just one of those delightful products that emerges at just the right time.

But wait… it’s not perfect, but no product is. There are four things that I should mention – none of which risk calling this the most perfect case.

The clasp used to keep the flip part closed is a magnet. Is it possible this could corrupt the mag-strip on a credit card? So far, so good – no issues but I’m not ruling this out as a potential problem so I recommend you use caution when pulling cards from your wallet.

The second issue involves the corners on the case. I drop my phone a lot and the upper left corner (on the iPhone 4) version seems to be excessively exposed by virtue of the design of the case which must expose the volume switch and buttons. I fear some nicks and dings are in my iThingie’s future.

Tapping at the edge of the iPhone screen can be difficult at times because the rich leather rises up above and directly at the edge of the touch screen. I’ve become accustomed to tapping the edges with precision with my previous InCase number-style case. I noticed a few difficult moments today as I was trying to reposition the text cursor.

Lastly is the fit; it’s very tight for credit cards and very snug for the device. I understand why – leather stretches over time and the last thing you want is a wallet that’s as loose as your crazy uncle’s underwear. The manufacturer provides clear instructions concerning this issue and even recommends a little pre-stretching before use. Tugging at your cards, potentially breaking a nail, appears to be a slight inconvenience that will dissipate with use.

Some day I plan to take a trip to Hawaii with this case and only this case. Wouldn’t that be cool?