Comcast, Finger Pointing At Its Best

Tweet I just resolved a long-standing, nagging, chronic problem with my Comcast configuration. At the outset, the problem (intermittent disconnection and router disruption) was shown to be caused because our cable modem was installed improperly, specifically with a router configuration setup. This configuration was causing our own router to be forced to accept a dynamic […]


Mobile Database Apps Are Great; Integrated Mobile Data is Killer

Tweet I see iPads everywhere I travel and many of them are using off-the-shelf apps for every manner of business task. This is the second wave of the consumerization of IT; a flood of mobile devices downloading a tsunami of mobile apps and just about every one of them employed in business activities to some […]

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iPad Executive Advisory: Lightweight Business Intelligence Shakeup?

Tweet We often hear (from Apple) about the emergence of the post-PC era and much of it seems to be accurate. Without question, IT organizations are playing catch-up as consumer devices are flooding into the workplace. In my view, a sizable portion of BI is moving toward a mobile model. Tablets naturally fit into executive […]

Mobile Tech Tools for Entrepreneurs – Wall Street Journal Doesn’t Get It

Tweet Sorry WSJ, you’re completely out of touch and off the mark. Specifically, WSJ columnist Sarah Needlemen’s Must-have Mobile Tech Tools for Entrepreneurs, is off-the-charts nutty in her recommendations and here’s why… At the outset, the five key tools selected are certainly useful to business people, but they’re hardly the tools that will help entrepreneurs […]


Three High Performance Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad

Tweet By learning just these three keyboard shortcuts you can improve you typing speed on iPad’s virtual keyboard. Apostrophes Quotations End of Sentence Period

Hype: Build iPad-compliant HTML5 Animations in a Jiff

Tweet HTML5 — If there’s a tool that can do it better and faster than me, I use it. I recently bought a copy of Hype to see what the possibilities were for creating useful animations in HTML5 instead of Adobe Flash(tm). Within 20 minutes I had my first animation working pretty well. here’s what […]


Outlining for Agile Innovation with iPad

Tweet I’ve used outlining applications for a long time. My experience with them started back in the late 90′s and was inspired by Dave Winer, the same guy that encouraged RSS to become what it is today; the glue that holds the universe of social content together. In August of 1999 Dave wrote, “Outlining as […]

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GTD Dashboard: Does GTD & Dashboard Lead to Improved Personal Productivity?

Tweet In the true spirit of Little Bets I tried an experiment this month. I like to make little bets – they’re fun and they sometimes pay big dividends. I also like the Getting Things Done (GTD) model for personal productivity; it’s the reason I’ve been at inbox zero for a number of years now. […]

Got 9 Bucks? Get a BI Dashboard.

Tweet I’ve recently realized I’m a data nut; I like data. And there’s only one thing I like more than some good business data – it’s having it at my fingertips whenever I want it. GeckoBoard ($9/month), which I recently wrote about, is one of those tools that I can’t stop thinking about. From its […]

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Email is Where Knowledge Goes to Die

Tweet It was 1999 and I was on a flight from Los Angeles to Sydney, a grueling 17 hour jaunt that always ends with dead laptop batteries and this feeling like you’ve been up all night on a plane; oh yeah, I was up all night on a plane. Just prior to my departure I […]


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