A Dynamic Picture, Worth a Thousand+ Words with RoamBI Flow

Tweet RoamBI Flow can now be used to target folks who are at the edge of the corporate garden. Customers, prospects, the press, and investors can receive dynamically embedded RoamBI charts and graphs in the context of Flow-based reports. And best of all, they can have them right on their mobile devices such as iPad. […]


Roambi Analytics for Salesforce Enables Better On-The-Go Business Decisions

Tweet SAN FRANCISCO, CA – August 31, 2011 – Today at Dreamforce, MeLLmo Inc., creator of Roambi, the leading business app for interactive mobile analytics, announced an enhanced Roambi Analytics integration for Salesforce, enabling users to easily transform Salesforce data into interactive Roambi analytics and publish them directly to Salesforce Chatter along with comments and insights – allowing for easy communication and collaboration of […]


Roambi: The Big Mobile BI News is “Blink”

Tweet I’ve been following and writing about MeLLmo, the company responsible for the development of Roambi, since they made their first appearance in the App Store a few years ago. They make a mobile business intelligence platform that delivers the most stunning data presentations available on iPhone and iPad. Seriously, try to find a better […]

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BI Was Ugly Before the iPad

Tweet Indeed. This quote (from EMEA GM and VP, RoamBI) sums up nicely why the combined mobilization and simultaneous consumerization of business intelligence has such strong legs. One thing is for sure, and that is that the iPad, and tablets as a whole, have made BI reports more accessible, and fun to use. “There’s been […]


Ducksboard: Crazy Name, Crazy Simple Social BI Solution in a Consumerized Package

Tweet I like companies that think a little different and Ducksboard is definitely on that axis. This Wednesday (December 14th), founder Diego Mariño indicates after 5 months in private beta, they’re ready for a public launch). According to Mariño, “Now the dashboard is fully stable and functional, and allows you to plug in about 45 […]


Peak Meetings for iPad, An Incubator for Strategic Execution

Tweet Update: Post a comment then drop me an email (bill.french@ipadcto.com) if you’d like a free promo code for this app. Limited supply. There are so many meeting planner apps available for iPad, but only one stands out as a vehicle for creating seamless connectedness between your company’s strategic plans and execution. Peak Meetings, by […]

Business Apps on Mobile Devices: Dos and Don’ts

Tweet Good Advice for mobile business solutions, applies to iPad equally as well. I’ve used RoamBI a lot and it’s very good for managing extensive details that need to be shared with mobile workers. I’ve also had excellent results with FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad. While RoamBI is very useful for data visualizations, using […]


Executive Accessories Center

Tweet Fast-track Your iPad BI Strategy It’s clear that products such as RoamBi and Microstrategy are making great strides for internal corporate use with iPad. RoamBi’s architecture makes it abundantly clear that the Publisher (server) technology will be deployed into corporate IT environments or provided as secure hosted services over corporate VPN’s. Microstrategy, a long-time […]


iPad Executive Advisory: Lightweight Business Intelligence Shakeup?

Tweet We often hear (from Apple) about the emergence of the post-PC era and much of it seems to be accurate. Without question, IT organizations are playing catch-up as consumer devices are flooding into the workplace. In my view, a sizable portion of BI is moving toward a mobile model. Tablets naturally fit into executive […]

Fortune: The Best Apps for Business (60% Correct)

Tweet I like Fortune’s article about the best apps for business. It validates something I’ve been saying for a long time – the app-centric enterprise is emerging quickly and iOS is a key driving force, specifically iPad. “Mobile devices now pack enough processing smarts to make your traditional computer obsolete, and thanks to a proliferation […]


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