My wife snagged the Winter 2012 issue of Build out of a pile of holiday catalogs that loomed larger than a mid-sized dog. She has a keen eye for stuff I might like and her perception about Build was very accurate. It’s one of those great finds; a magazine you can’t put down. One of those periodicals that leaves you with a tinge of fear that you might the next one. Thanks dear.

Here’s what The Build Network is all about…

  • The Build Network’s focus - How do you design and build a high-performance team? What’s your role as its leader? And how do you create a top team that brilliantly drives your whole business toward What Comes Next?
  • The Build Network’s aim – To filter the world — to separate management-insight wheat from chaff and bring you only the ideas and information that mid-sized business builders need.
  • The Build Network’s process – To provide the ecosystem for a first-of-its-kind collaboration. We’ve already begun to co-create our management network with you (at Build/Live events, in Build surveys, through Build CEO interviews). Together, we’re going to discover the insights, tools, premium service partners and peers that can drive your competitive advantage.

Self described and closely aligned you wou, the readers of iPadCTO, The Build Network is the new source of insight and connection dedicated to CEOs and executive teams of mid-sized businesses — the economy’s hot core.

Soft, Fuzzier Content

I’ve read numerous articles by the team at Build and the content is uniquely different than say Fast Company, or Inc. Magazine. In keeping with the the overarching theme of the network, this is less about experts telling you how to management your business and more about ideas that you can use to shape your own solutions. The articles are compelling in an innovative sense that exudes confidence in the reader as a business domain expert.

There are few networks I would recommend for anyone, but this one is shaping up as a key C-level resource not to be missed. Invite your colleagues – they’ll thank you.