When it comes to iPad, I’m all over it for the singular benefit of mobile productivity. And I’ve actually studied how it has affected my productivity across a wide variety of tasks with comparisons to other alternatives including iPhone and laptop. iPad has distinct qualities that score high in agility and stamina.

And other studies have shown that iPad delivers on the suspected promise of greater productivity for executives and business users.

Chris Lee, blogger and real-world iPad user, dropped me a copy of his latest ebook, a deep dive into the experiences and apps that led him to become a highly productive iPad user. I really enjoyed the format of this book because it’s a no-nonsense collection of real stories documented in a way that helps you understand not only what you should do to increase your productivity with ipad, but also why.

In very simple terms Chris provides the best approach for such things as transforming your world from a predominance of paper dependencies, into a digital one with iPad at the center and your other devices that cannot be ignored. This is not a tips-and-tricks approach. Rather, it’s a reference guide that accelerates your conclusions about best practices, while allowing you to sidestep all the pain typically endured when uncovering new and productive solutions to everyday mobile challenges.

True story – I read the section on Evernote, applied some new techniques using features I didn’t really grasp on my own. And I’m founder and editor of the Twitter news feed @EverNews. Go figure… this proves there are lots of ways to do things simpler, faster, better and that is what this book is all about.

Get a copy, it’s just $5 bucks. It’ll save you $100 the first day.