Tweet announced today that the company’s free-to-use resource for creating and publishing tablet and Smart Phone apps for Android, iOS, and HTML5 now lets app builders use PayPal services to sell merchandise through their apps.

appsbar’s turn-key solution for building apps opens the world of app development to everyone as more device and operating systems adapt to the public’s demand for apps, including those running iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry programs. Now,
appsbar has made it possible for anyone with something to sell, from a song, to a meal, to a hair cut, or for causes soliciting donations – to do so through a free-to-build, professional-quality app.

appsbar introduced an App Commerce function so anyone can build an app for free to market their business and further sell merchandise through their customized app. This new feature is available for all new appsbar users and those who have already published an app as a way for the community to monetize their products and services through their appsbar apps.

“As millions of people continue to use mobile devices as their primary online tools, they want real-time access to products and services, and they want apps that are free to download,” said appsbar founder Scott Hirsch. “Now app makers can turn their brick and mortar businesses, their hobby, or whatever they are passionate about into money makers by offering in-app transactions.”

In-app sales tools have been the most requested feature appsbar users have requested since the free app building tool was first introduced in 2011. appsbar has swelled to a community of more than 125,000 individual app builders, a majority of which are small businesses who use their apps to market their businesses and services. With appsbar’s new App Commerce function, now they can engage their fans or customers with goods and services on their mobile devices.

PayPal app commerce solutions are a secure alternative for shoppers who may not want to use their credit cards for in app purchases. PayPal reports that a growing number of mobile users are choosing its service, and they expect to process $7 billion in mobile total payment volume this year.

The introduction of in-app purchase functions through appsbar is recognized as a giant leap forward in the evolution of the service, and the app economy, as mobile devices continue to challenge business models and create increased sales opportunities for a wide range of merchants.

“Monetization and consumer app marketing are neither novelties nor small business,” said Gartner analyst Jessica Ekholm. In her January 2012 report “Analytics and Monetization Are the Current Hot Topics in Consumer Apps,” Ekholm found that free apps will continue to account for over 85% of the total number of downloaded apps, and that revenue apps generate will top $52 billion in 2015.

As apps continue to redefine commerce, appsbar is continuing refine the tools for anyone to build robust and dynamic apps for their small business, non-profit, or whatever they’re passionate about. appsbar users have seen more than 12 million app launches in Google Play alone.

appsbar users can customize their app commerce solution with a wide variety of options, including true shopping cart functionality to designate specific items or services for sale. Users are also able to choose whether to charge a flat rate for a sale, or include tax and or shipping and handling charges. appsbar users can find the new App Commerce function by visit their “App Settings” section where they can click the button to request “app-commerce activation.” Once the app builder builds the function into the appsbar app, anyone who downloads the app can browse the merchandise and select PayPal for their transaction. The buyer logs in easily and securely with the username and password they use for other PayPal services. The buyer then will be able to confirm their shipping and billing information and will receive the same familiar confirmation. The seller will receive the payment through their PayPal account.

Anyone can join the appsbar community with an email address and an app idea. Users can start with an assortment of 37 ready-to-use modules covering a wide variety of special interest apps such as bands, non-profits, restaurants and more. Users can also start from scratch to make a highly-personalized app using countless combinations of colors, text, video, images, and sounds to share what they’re passionate about.

As with all the appsbar functions, appsbar provides on-screen walkthroughs for the app builder at every step of the process. Users can use drag and drop tools to upload their own catalogs if merchandise and use their social networks, RSS feeds, digital coupons, and email to reach their customers.

appsbar apps are automatically optimized for use on the most popular mobile devices and across websites that support HTML5 programming, including Facebook. With more 12 million app launches, appsbar has become the largest single Android app developer for Google Play.

For more information and to join the appsbar conversations, go to or @appsbar on Twitter.

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