May 30, 2012 – Las Vegas, NV– Gorillized Corporation announces a soon release of a new version of its app, Outline, an iPad note-taking app for syncing OneNote files. Outline received positive reviews from users and critics for its flawless reading of OneNote notes and ease of interface.

The new version is due for release in June as a major update. The app will support long awaited capabilities for edit of OneNote files and creation of new notebooks that can be set independent from the Microsoft application.

“This update has taken a lot of time and efforts and we are happy about that fact,” says Alex Polezhaev, one of the creators of Outline. “After we saw how disappointed OneNote users were when they installed OneNote for iPad, we understood that people demand high quality and full transparency of what is happening with their notes. We have rewritten about 60% of code of the previous Outline and today prepare for beta testing. We expect the app will be rock-stable and about twice faster.”

The new Outline 2 will include rich text editing capabilities such as styles, font color and sizes, as well as insertion of lists and images. Users will receive full control over their notebooks in a hierarchy similar to OneNote with ability to add pages, sections and subsections. Interface has been reworked to meet the 2012 trends and support retina display of iPad 3.

Main features of the new Outline can be previewed in a video at Developers are calling for beta-testers experienced in note-taking with OneNote. Beta-testers can sign up at

About Gorillized Corporation
Gorillized Corporation (former Aqrate-Software) is a new wave technology company that escaped the past and senses the future. The company is inspired by rethinking daily routines in a way that brings back their meaning. Its first app, Outline, is made for  idea lovers and life improvers.