Lytro is a light-field imaging camera that can blow away the concept of advanced photography. Make sure you play with the examples to get a sense of where this technology is heading.

Apple has the cloud infrastructure to support this model and the money to figure out how to blend the photon-capture tech with a larger [mobile] screen (i.e., iPhone and iPad).

At a recent corporate briefing, I mentioned that a marriage between Lytro and Apple would not only be in both company’s best interest, but squarely on Apple’s compass heading for possible disruption of the advanced and professional photography market segment.

I believe this combination has legs. And while it may not be Lytro (in the end) that Apple aligns with, it will certainly be light-field camera technology that Apple will hang it’s strategy on.

How will this impact collaborative and file sharing tools? Light-field images can be large, and of course, editing most likely will occur in the cloud.
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