RoamBI Flow can now be used to target folks who are at the edge of the corporate garden. Customers, prospects, the press, and investors can receive dynamically embedded RoamBI charts and graphs in the context of Flow-based reports. And best of all, they can have them right on their mobile devices such as iPad.

This idea opens up all sorts of publishing possibilities for RoamBI and it is a step toward the continuing consumerization of BI [press release].

Using Roambi, marketers (for example) can create and publish new publications and presentations to the iPad, or simply import existing PDF, PowerPoint or Keynote files and embed Roambi hot spots. Containing rich, intuitive analytics, Roambi hot spots transform static documents into interactive, attention grabbing applications. Designed for companies of all sizes, Roambi transforms existing content into immersive mobile applications without requiring redesign of existing marketing materials, delivering content to any iPad, enriching the consumer experience with interactive, engaging data visualizations.

This opens the door for some interesting use cases.

  • Marketing Collateral: Easily import existing brochures and marketing materials and overlay Roambi visualizations to create digital, interactive marketing material for the iPad.
  • Corporate Publications: Publish and share financial publications and corporate social responsibility and sustainability reports, allowing key stakeholders to analyze and better understand your company’s data.
  • Government Agency Reports: Share critical budget and other information to help constituents better understand where their tax dollars are going.

RoamBI Flow, most likely to redefine the idea of InfoGraphics.