I like companies that think a little different and Ducksboard is definitely on that axis.

This Wednesday (December 14th), founder Diego Mariño indicates after 5 months in private beta, they’re ready for a public launch). According to Mariño,

“Now the dashboard is fully stable and functional, and allows you to plug in about 45 data points (with more coming soon).”

I’m uncertain where Ducksboard falls on the continuum of products that range from Microstrategy and QlikTech and their ipad-enabled BI solutions for iPad on the high end, to very discrete solutions such as Balanced Scorecard for iPad. But one thing is clear – Ducksboard is apparently aiming at the softer, gentler side of BI and decidedly tilting toward social media analytics.

This is not a bad positioning. It has a similar scope to some of the things we’re seeing at RoamBI, Yellowfin and this recent post at BsC (Tablets Rapidly Democratizing and Consumerizing Mobile BI) which intimates that BI is fundamentally a different game on mobile devices.

Ducksboard from Ducksboard on Vimeo.