Miami, Florida – Lizbeth Publishing today is pleased to announce The App Instructor 2.0 for iOS, their Business app that provides an interactive, illustrated, step-by-step tutorial that shows users different options for creating iPhone and iPad apps. Designed especially for creative men and women who may have the next big idea for the App Store, but lack the skills to create and market it, the app includes: candid advice, tips & tricks, coding tutorials, sample legal agreements, links to useful products, instructional videos, and valuable developer web links. For anyone who has ever thought they had a great idea for an app, The App Instructor is a simple, practical, enjoyable way to learn the fundamentals of iOS programming and marketing.

The App Instructor provides a beautiful graphic tutorial presentation, which teaches users the different options available for building and submitting an iPhone and/or iPad app to the App Store. Users learn the importance of creating a good app concept and how to develop their app idea. In addition, users learn the several different options available to them in order to build an app, and that even Windows users now have the ability to create iOS apps. A good portion of the app discusses these options, and video tutorials are included to show users how to build working apps, depending on the method they choose.

One thing that differentiates The App Instructor from other manuals available is the amount of information supplied about becoming an iTunes iOS Developer and all the necessary steps before and after an app is completed and submitted to Apple. Users learn how to register for the Apple iOS Developer Program and how to become a Certified iOS Developer. Budding developers also learn how to request, create, and install Developer and Distribution Certificates, and Provisioning Profiles needed to publish their app. Also covered are how to request, create, and configure App IDs, how to configure those App IDs for Push Notifications, and how to enable their apps for Game Center connectivity and In-App Purchases.

Other topics include: Apple’s graphic requirements for apps and how to create them, such as app icons and screenshots; what information is required when submitting an app; step-by-step instructions on the process of adding a new app to a Developer’s account; how to fill out a new app information form (supplied in the tutorial); and how to upload the actual app binary for review by Apple. Finally, the app also includes a beginning Xcode tutorial that users can follow to make a flashlight app in Xcode.

Feature Highlights:
* Learn how to blueprint an app idea and create a workable concept
* Learn several different ways to develop that concept and build an app
* Learn how to become a Certified Apple iOS Developer
* Learn how to configure a Developer Account (i.e. Contracts, Taxes, Banking, Tech Roles, etc.)
* Learn how to create and configure App ID’s, Push Notifications, and In-App Purchases
* Learn the steps involved in preparing an app for submission to the app store
* Learn how to request, create, and install Developer and Distribution certificates and profiles to a binary code
* Learn Apple’s graphic requirements and how to make app icons and screenshots
* Learn how to configure a Developer Account to receive an app binary for review by Apple
* Learn the entire process, step-by-step, of creating an app and submitting it to the App Store

While The App Instructor operates in either portrait or landscape mode, the app alerts the user that the preferred orientation is landscape. Creator Lizbeth Hall says, “While the app is designed for both iPhone and iPad, ideally it is best viewed in landscape mode on an iPad. We’ve also included a section of Text documents, which leaves out all the pretty pictures and hoopla and gives the reader the same information, just in a bare bones, straightforward format, which some iPhone users may find easier to read.” On launch, the app displays six navigation icon buttons in the bottom tab bar: Learn, Xcode, Documents, Products, Tutorials, and Links. The default screen on startup is “Learn,” which displays the app’s imaginative Dream screen, plus eight screenshot buttons.

Eight Learn Buttons:
* Dream – an autobiographical Introduction from the author, Lizbeth Hall, MCSE
* Decide – a realistic guide on how to create, develop, and evaluate new app ideas
* Design – discusses four different options available to build an app
* Develop – learn how to become an iOS Apple Developer and configure an iOS Developer Account
* Decorate – secrets to creating effective graphics that meet Apple’s specifications
* Distribute – how to prepare an iOS Developer account for a binary submission, and tips for filling out all the forms necessary to get an app into the App Store
* Deliver – step-by-step instructions for app submission: Development and Distribution Certificate creation and installation, Provisioning Profile creation and installation, App ID creation and configuration, App binary compilation and submission, and how to use App Loader to submit a final binary for review
* …All Done! – what to expect after App Submission

The Xcode Menu Button opens a copiously illustrated tutorial for users wishing to develop an app using Apple’s software Xcode. The App Instructor provides a step-by-step tutorial for building a popular app in the App Store, a Flashlight App. As it is throughout every part of The App Instructor, this section is informal, non-threatening, and inviting. Xcode Video tutorials and links to Apple Developer and News Forums are also found on the Xcode screen.

Choosing the Documents navigation button brings up a scrolling list of six documents:
* Text Docs – the same information as presented in the Learn section, less the graphics
* Sample Non-Disclosure Agreement (printable)
* Sample No Compete Agreement (printable)
* New App Questionnaire (printable)
* E-mail Sample Agreements
* E-mail New App Questionnaire

Selecting the Products button brings up a scrolling list of products for the new iOS entrepreneur, including: instructional books, graphic templates, mock-up utilities, etc. Each item opens into a full page discussing the product in detail and leads to the item’s web page, which can be viewed and used for ordering without ever leaving The App Instructor. Touching the TV icon, the Tutorials button opens a scrolling list of instructional videos. The informative video tutorials cover a wide range of topics and were created by iOS developers for iOS developers. Again, videos are viewable on YouTube from within the app, so it is not necessary to go back and forth from The App Instructor to Safari.

Lastly, selecting the Links button opens a scrolling list of recommended websites. Choosing any site on the list opens a screenshot of the website and a brief, personalized description of the site’s offerings. Tapping a large red bar initiates a slide transition that opens the site inside the app’s built-in browser.

Author and developer of The App Instructor, Lizbeth Hall, explains, “I had such a hard time when I first started developing apps and joined Apple’s iOS Dev program. Knowing what certs to create when, how to install and configure them, etc., can be a nightmare. There’s nothing on the market that tells somebody step-by-step what to do from A to Z. I promised myself that if I could learn what to do, I’d share my knowledge and help others that were just starting out. It can be very frustrating when you have this great app idea, but can’t get it to market because you don’t know the right steps involved. I really hope creative people everywhere, not afraid to dream big, will find this app to be helpful.

“This app is made for a beginner developer. It’s not intended for a tech genius that’s used Xcode for the last few years. It’s for someone that has an idea for the App Store but doesn’t know what to do next. I say all the time, ‘you don’t have to be some super-duper computer geek to make and sell apps. You just have to be able to follow a good tutorial,’ and that’s what I’ve tried to provide with The App Instructor.”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* iOS 3.1 or later (iOS 4.3 tested) for iPad
* iOS 4.2 or later for iPhone
* 5.9 MB

Pricing and Availability:
App Instructor 2.0 is $4.99 (USD) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Business category. (Not available in Korea, due to limited YouTube access from within the country.) Review copies are available upon request.

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Based in Miami, Florida, Lizbeth Publishing was founded in 2010 by Elizabeth Hall. Guided by the indomitable spirit of its President, the company has set itself an ambitious goal of upcoming e-book titles, all with the theme of helping ordinary people succeed in life, solve problems, and ensure just treatment. She currently has 14 different apps in the App Store. Copyright (C) 2011 Lizbeth Publishing. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.