To quote a commonly used NASCAR term – iPad 2 is “stupid fast”, and the facts are pretty clear – this dog can hunt. Sorry, I need to dial back the NASCAR lingo.

Matched against Motorola Xoom and iPad 1, the tests show significant performance coming in the new streamlined version of the magical tablet. That said, there’s only two reasons (in my view) to consider an upgrade from the original iPad – cameras and performance.

If you absolutely, positively must have video or FaceTime, or snapshots, these features are amply provided and you’ll be mostly satisfied. If you have any sensation that your apps or iOS performance is lagging on iPad, upgrading will demonstrate just how much better iOS runs on the new A5 chip.

This graph provides a pretty good perspective of just how much better iPad 2 handles mobile processing.

You’ll find the full details about these benchmarks at AnandTech.

I was also impressed with iMovie for iPad – it screams in terms of ability to handle significantly sized video and music files. Make sure you take time to watch the tutorial video though – it makes a huge difference in how fast you come up to speed on iMovie for iPad regardless of how well you know it from the desktop version.

With the release of iMovie and Garage Band in concert with iPad 2, this cut of the magic tab seems to be shaped more for consumer interests. However, if there’s one thing that business users love, it’s speed.

Just Sayin’ …