The debate about iPad as a content creation device continues to wane as more sophisticated apps emerge demonstrating the magical tablet can perform significant contribution tasks. And so it is the case with Blueprint
from GrooSoft.

This app provides a very useful [mobile] framework and workbench for designing iOS apps. The ability to fire up this app in seconds and produce quick designs from a rich array of objects and screen templates makes this a must-have tool if you’re responsible for creating mobile apps for your company.

While the mobile agility provided by this app for interface design and requirements gathering is excellent, it also provides a comprehensive prototyping framework. Actions can be attached to controls that connect to screens and dialogs in the envisioned app. It’s possible to script. The complete user experience without writing a stitch of code or complex scripts.

You’ll be hearing much more about this app in the coming months as I use it to explore new designs and services for iPad. Stay tuned …