Austin, Texas – TKO Solutions today is pleased to introduce the Onhand X-Band, their innovative accessory for iPad. Particularly in work environments, the iPad screen often needs to be shown to co-workers, patients, or clients. Consisting of four leather corner loops, connected to a neoprene and nylon X strap, the X-Band allows the user to safely “get a grip.” The comfortable glove created on the back of the device allows the user to securely and easily display the screen horizontally or vertically using just one hand.

The Onhand X-Band glove for the iPad is quite simple to use. The user pulls each of the leather dog-ears over the four corners of the iPad, and it’s ready to slip one’s hand into. The Onhand X-band (the neoprene strap forms an X) allows the user to hold an iPad with confidence and without fatigue. The “hands-free” technology lets the user operate the iPad with one hand, while the other hand wears it like a glove. This is exactly what consultant/developer Andrew Donoho did at the “Voices That Matter” iPhone developers conference in Seattle, April 24-25, as reported by TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Log): “Voices that Matter iPhone: One-Handed iPad Holder.” Chicago Sun-Times Columnist Andy Ihnatko also thinks highly of the X-Band, giving it his Macbreak “Pick of the Week” (episode 199) and featuring it in his June 17th column, “Baseball, cool laps and bondage for your iPad, oh my.”

Feature Highlights:
* X-Band Glove for iPad holds iPad safely and securely with just one hand
* Constructed of high quality leather, neoprene, and nylon
* Neoprene glove fits any size hand, works with most hardshell cases
* Perfect for demonstrations – hold the device in one hand, operate with the other
* Eliminate costly iPad repairs caused by handling accidents
* The Onhand X-Band, the original insurance policy for grip fatigue

The first in a series of Onhand gloves for iPad, the X-Band is carefully designed and constructed. It is made with heavy, 5 ounce chaps leather and 5mm nylon backed neoprene, and securely attaches to all four corners of the iPad while the user’s hand is comfortably held between the neoprene and the back of the device. The thick 5 mm neoprene provides a scratch free buffer against any surface. The X-Band’s flexible geometry fits with ease over most accessory hard shells and folds up to easily store in a pocket when not in use.

Pricing and Availability:
The Onhand X-Band is available for now for $19.99 (USD or equivalent in other currencies) directly from TKO Solutions. Review samples are available upon request.

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TKO Solutions is a specialty products company founded by Tom Nelson in Cedar Park, Texas, just outside of Austin. The Onhand X-Band was designed by TKO Solutions and is manufactured by The Fire Center of Austin, Texas. Copyright (C) 2010 TKO Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.