image I’ve tried every remote desktop solution available and hands-down, PocketCloud from Wyse Technology, is the best Windows remote desktop solution. Here are three reasons this app has captured my heart on both iPhone and iPad.

  1. Gestures
  2. Performance
  3. Interface


It’s a real pain to launch into a remote desktop session only to find that the user interface has abruptly changed. Wyse has set the bar higher for remote desktop networking by providing a user interface that is far better than a cursor-based environment. With products such as LogMeIn, you must move a facsimile mouse cursor around the desktop and then tap to simulate a mouse click. With PocketCloud, you just tap. Zooming in and out is also intuitive – just pinch (or squeeze). This feature alone makes it far more productive to engage in remote desktop activities.

imageThe one gesture I would love (which PocketCloud does not [yet] support is two-finger scroll. You can easily tap the scroll bars or you can tap-hold-scroll (very useful), but it would be nice to extend scrolling to a two-finger gesture as well.

Lastly, I love the tap-hold-drag gesture. It makes it easy to move and size windows, clearly a requirement for frustration-free extensive remote desktop sessions.


By far, the folks at Wyse have paid close attention to benchmarks. I typically tether my iPad to my jail-broken iPhone 3GS and even on Edge networks, I am able to work effectively in remote sessions. On 3G it’s very responsive, and of course, on any sort of broadband connection, its a screamer.

I recently tested PocketCloud on Sprint’s new 4G OverDrive service with excellent results. Comparing it with LogMeIn and RDP, I found – overall – that PocketCloud provided a more responsive performance.


PocketCloud designers thought very carefully about the need for the user interface to get out of the way but also be there all the time. To achieve this, they created a transparent menu island that can be displayed or hidden. And because it’s transparent, it can be on your screen without blocking windows and content. The island can also be positioned – you guessed it – with your fingertip.

This article was written and published entirely in a PocketCloud remote session from my iPad using Windows LiveWriter.


PocketCloud is the app I reach for first when remoting into my Windows desktop, a virtual machine running on my Mac. I had no trouble configuring PocketCloud to work with VMWare. However, PocketCloud does not presently support Mac OS which is a significant requirement for me and that’s where LogMeIn Ignition comes to my aid.

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